Senior teachers’ professional guidance

Chinese-English bilingual teaching

Provide various large-scale stage performance opportunities

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25 years of education experience


Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy, founded in 2015, is a professional guzheng training institution. The school has been established for countless guzheng lovers providing a professional opportunity to learn the guzheng. The academy’s resident  guzheng orchestra was invited to various prominent performances including at the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Town Hall, the Sydney Star Casino and other major Cultural Festivity. Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy is committed to promoting traditional Chinese culture and music, combining and innovating with modern and western music technology.

Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy has made remarkable achievements in inheriting Chinese folk music overseas for many years, and has been strongly supported by CCTV HD Variety Entertainment Channel, and who in turn has authorized Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy to select and send cooperation units for overseas programs. It means that more excellent guzheng students and fans from overseas will have the opportunity to stand on the stage of CCTV and shine, after our training, assessment and selection process.

what our students say

“Sydney Guyun Yaxuan provides us with a lot of opportunities for stage performances, while improving our practice efficiency. It also allowed us to make many like-minded friends.”

Alice / Student

“You can learn the music you like in the ancient rhyme, and the teacher will compile a score that suits you according to your level. I really like the flexibility and rich teaching methods of ancient rhyme.”

Eric / Student

“There are many memories in the year. It is because of your presence and support that Gu Yun’s existence will be more meaningful. Thank you for having each of us. Gu Yun will move forward with you. “

Julia / Co-founder